How do you allow new users to be able to sign up?

I have been searching this site for the answer to my question but haven’t found the answer. When someone visits the site, they get a message saying “An account is required. Please ask an existing member for an invite or log in to continue.”

I would like to allow people to create their accounts without an invite. I can’t seem to find the setting. I’ve looked under login and user settings.

Must be unticked:

  • invite only
  • login required
  • must approve users

Must be ticked:

  • allow new registrations

Where is that invite only setting? I can’t seem to find it or the login required setting. That was what I was specifically looking for. Allow new registrations is ticked, must approve users is unticked.

Just in case it’s relevant, but if you’re on our hosting using the Basic plan then it’s a private, invite only set up and you’d need to upgrade to at least the Standard plan to enable those features.


Thank you. I am on the basic plan.

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OT, but do we need separate support for CDCK-customers? I know very well they are the most important group, but… they are minority too with special needs.

And deprive people of the chance of meeting you? I don’t think I could ever be that cruel. :slight_smile:

But we have a mix of all hosting types contributing on Meta. For any issues that are ‘account specific’ we tend to move them to PM (and maybe point out that hosted customers can also contact @team or email for direct support if they want to), but if it’s advice that can benefit the wider community then it’s good to have it here for all to share. :+1:


I did not think that much :wink:

That’s very well true. I was more worrying my tips was wasting time of OP and leaded to wrong tracks just because I was directly thinking only self-hosting situation. He could get right answer faster and more reliable another way.

Well, you were that another way and I have a gut feeling too why :wink:

And that is a fact too: my limitations to see bigger picture is not a reason build more complex structure just because I’m annoyed because I gave right answer in wrong situation :joy:


Then it’d be nice if there were a hint about that in the settings, somehow. I can’t think of a good way to do that, as I’m pretty sure that what you’ve done is to set those settings in an ENV variable so they are hidden from the admin settings.

I think there has been some discussion about the best way to present that information. Currently, there’s the advice on the pricing page where you start your trial from, and the ‘toggles’ for those settings are greyed out in the initial setup wizard too. There may be a case for making it more apparent in maybe the settings or the dashboard somehow though?

Yeah. Sounds like it. I’d say it’s Just Too Hard, but you could have programmers who don’t think so. :slight_smile:

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