Cannot edit my own PM's title as TL4 user

Hey, I am a TL4 user on the Fairphone forum.

When I go to an oldish PM and hit edit, I am presented with a text field to edit my own PM’s topic title. When I hit save though, the changes are not saved. Also, the pencil does not appear next to the topic title:


I created the PM on 27th Feb. 2019.

This looks like a bug, but I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

Can anybody confirm or let me know how to solve this?

There is a setting that determines how long you are allowed to edit existing posts

I can edit the post just fine (as a TL4 user), but I cannot modify the PM title.

Wait. Is this your PM? Did you create the PM?

I think that what you are describing is the intended behaviour. TL4 users are not allowed to edit the titles of PMs they have created if the PM’s edit time limit has expired. If a TL4 user is not the owner of a PM, they can never edit its title.

The rules for editing post content are a little different. That’s why you are seeing the edit pencil below the post and are able to open the composer. As a TL4 user, you will be allowed to edit the content of posts in a PM that you have permission to create post in. I’m assuming that if you tried to edit the content of the post, instead of changing the title of the PM, your edit would be saved.


Exactly, I can edit the post content, thank you for clarifying! IMO the problem is the misleading text field above the post composer. The text field contains the old title and it is editable. This should not be the case if I cannot save changes to the title anyway.

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