User who is not op and not tl3 or moderator edited topic title

I had a user, who edited the topic title of a topic, where they are not the author of the first post. They cannot do that on other topics.
I think this is because the topic was created by splitting posts from a topic where this user wrote the first post.
Is this a special feature or a bug?
(The forum is still on a version from end of august, so I’m not sure if something changed in between)

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I tried, but I couldn’t repro it.

Did the user try editing titles of topics from the same category?
Did you try impersonating it to check things from their end and see if you can get any clue?


Thanks for trying.
The user confirmed this is the only topic where they are able to edit the topic title.

I am just a tl4, so I cannot impersonate and I don’t think I will find someone with time to check.

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I have also tried to reproduce this multiple ways with various test users on my local dev instance but I have not been able to. However, I am on the latest Discourse beta and commit. :thinking:

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