Cannot middle-click or control-click on embedded topics to open in new tab

This is happening to me in Firefox.

If you middle-click or control-click on the title of a topic embedded in another, it doesn’t open in a new tab – instead, it replaces the current tab. It also seems to do a full load, rather than the normal AJAXy Discourse load.

In this video, I’ve middle-clicked; control-clicking behaves the same way.


Oh wow, does the same thing in Chromium. That seems… suboptimal.

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This is usually easy to fix with markup, @techapj can you have a look?

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I also have this problem.

Yes, everyone has this problem.


Also doesn’t work for oneboxed links :arrow_down:


Yes, this is happening for all internal oneboxed links which expands on click. Spent some time on it today, but can’t figure out a simple markup fix. This might be linked to our click tracking code. Will dig more into it.


I can middle click just fine on that, the area I’ve outlined in the pink box, and it opens in a new tab for me:

So… how is this a bug, again? Only on certain browsers?

Must be a browser thing, because middle-clicking on the link you pink-boxed in zogstrip’s most recent post gives the behaviour originally described: doesn’t open a new tab, but instead loads the clicked link in the same tab. Just to be sure, I tried in an anon incognito window with all plugins disabled, still broken. I’m using Chromium 63.0.3239.84 on Linux, and I also I tried it in Firefox 52.5.2 (again on Linux) and it did the same thing.

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In Windows I can’t repro in Chrome, but I can in Firefox.

Right clicking and selecting “open in new tab” works in Firefox, though. Maybe do that, since there is an easy workaround? I don’t want @techapj to burn tons of time on this.

Fixed via:

This was happening for all anonymous users (or logged in users with “Open all external links in a new tab” disabled) on all browsers. Hence the repro was inconsistent.


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