CMD + click to open in new tab - not working in quoted posts / topic oneboxes

(Brendan Schlagel) #1

I’m seeing non-standard behavior with using CMD + click to open links in a new tab, when said links are inside a quoted portion of a post, or a oneboxed link to another forum topic.

What I expect to happen: Clicking a link while holding down “command” opens the link in a new browser tab.

What happens instead: Link opens in same window (same behavior as normal click w/o “CMD”) so I’m taken away from the thread to the linked page.

Testing in both Chrome and Safari. This does work as expected with external oneboxed links. Examples below…

CMD + click = opens in new tab:

CMD + click = opens in same tab:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

I tested on Windows with Ctrl + click and all the links in your post opened in a new tab as expected. @HAWK, you have a Mac, right? What happens for you?

Edit: Tested in Chrome

(Michael Howell) #3

Reproduced by ctrl-clicking the quote box’s link in Firefox on Windows. It opens in the same link (the bug manifests). Same with middle-clicking it.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

I cannot reproduce this in Firefox Quantum on Windows either.


On a Mac with Chrome, both open in a new tab and view is switched to the new tab. With Cmd+Click, they open in a new tab, but this tab remains the one in view.

In Safari, Click opens both in the same tab, while Cmd+Click opens the first one in a new tab without switching to it, and the second one opens in the same tab, as if no Cmd.

(Andrew Schleifer) #6

I can repro here. On macos with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox the links in first post all:

  • CMD+click onebox link opens in background tab (as expected)
  • CMD+click quoted link opens in same tab

(Arpit Jalan) #7

Probably the same error as reported here:

(Jeff Atwood) #8