Cannot rename tags with accentuated characters

Hi, I cannot rename tags with accentuated characters, for example, I cannot rename “education” into “éducation”. Is this possible and if yes, how? Thanks?

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I do have tags with accents, and I’ve just tried to rename 3eme into 3ème, it works on 2.7.0.beta1 ( ee9ea20d95 ).
I’m not sure of what you mean by cannot and how, so on the page, click on details and rename, if that doesn’t work, :thinking: maybe (long shot) you could try setting slug generation method to ascii ?

Thanks for your answer.

  1. Renaming with the steps you outline does not work, I get the error message “tag already taken”
  2. slug generation method is already set to ascii

Other ideas?


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I can add that both URLS:

  • /tag/education
  • /tag/éducation

output the same results

Could you have set them as synonyms?

Most probably yes, I have done that for some others.

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Now that’s interesting when I ask to remove unused tags, “éducation” is listed in unused tags but it is not listed in the global tag list (it should)

Yep I think there is something fishy here, not quite sure what is going on, and as I’m not very familiar with tags I’d have to try a few things but it seems that a tag2 listed as synonym of tag1 is displayed as tag1 (should be tag2?), and the deletion of the synonym tag2 delete tag1 as well (but there I may not have clicked on the right place :sweat_smile: )

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I will try for the time being to simply create my new tag “éducation” and tag my few topics with that manually. Not a big deal since I have few topics to tag. We will see later if others have ideas on the why it’s acting like that.

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Deleting unused tags and renaming “education” tag to “éducation” tag worked… So “éducation” was in the database, why it did not display in the tag list is the question…

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