Merging tags - Tag Synonyms

There are two ways to say the same thing as Bangalore city also known as Bengaluru.

As this topics has both tags.

Are there any ways I can merge these tags and can have the main tag and others as synonyms as mentioned in the following article?

Does discourse provide it?


I do not believe so at the moment - each tag is unique.

A not very beautiful workaround you could do is enforce one spelling/synonym by making the others staff-tags (so most users can’t use them). You can then either not use the different spellings /synonyms at all or just have one topic for each which is just a post redirecting to the other tag.

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At some point we will be forced to implement tag synonyms @neil it is inevitable. Also a problem with plurals. We went through this same thing at Stack Overflow…


@codinghorror Any guidance on if this is upcoming soon or still a ways out? Thinking through how to overhaul tagging as we’re migrating from Vanilla and deciding whether to build our own internal systems for tag synonyms and merging (likely a manual process) or wait until it’s supported natively.

If you’re getting close, perhaps we’ll hold off. :slight_smile: Thanks!


I wouldn’t mind doing it, not sure how much work it would be though. Any idea on scope @neil? The classic example from my SO days is this one:

string vs. strings

Just making plurals remap to the singular version is a good starting point, though obviously you’d want {x} different forms to remap to the same base.


Thanks for the reply, @codinghorror! Automatic merging of singular vs. plural would be great.

One more thing that might be useful based on my experience is a new tags queue so it’s easy so spot them and either a) approve them as is b) merge them with something else or c) delete them.

One of the problems we have now is identifying newly added tags. Because they’re not anywhere unique it becomes a hunting game of pouring through a sea of words each month looking for similar words/phrases.

Having a new tag queue - or being able to sort tags by date added - would be immensely helpful for keeping things nicely organized. Or, at least selfishly, for us. :slight_smile:


We don’t have much of a UI for managing tags, since we only allow renaming and deleting currently. But merging and adding a list of synonyms doesn’t seem like much. Reviewing new tags would happen in the new review queue, so I’m not sure how much work that would be. So… a week or two of work?


I’ll add it to the 2.4 release list.


Fantastic, thanks @codinghorror and @neil!