Merging tags - Tag Synonyms

(Vaibhav Mule) #1

There are two ways to say the same thing as Bangalore city also known as Bengaluru.

As this topics has both tags.

Are there any ways I can merge these tags and can have the main tag and others as synonyms as mentioned in the following article?

Does discourse provide it?


I do not believe so at the moment - each tag is unique.

(Paula Kreuzer) #3

A not very beautiful workaround you could do is enforce one spelling/synonym by making the others staff-tags (so most users can’t use them). You can then either not use the different spellings /synonyms at all or just have one topic for each which is just a post redirecting to the other tag.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

At some point we will be forced to implement tag synonyms @neil it is inevitable. Also a problem with plurals. We went through this same thing at Stack Overflow…