Cannot resize composer anymore

I can no longer see the resizer in the composer:

This is happening here on meta, as well as in my installation.

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Can’t replay here, i’m using chrome (last version).

What web browser are you using?
Please check version.

I see the “grippie” here using desktop Firefox latest.

I’m running Google Chrome Version 45.0.2454.93 m (64-bit) (in a private tab, so no extensions).
It does work in Microsoft Edge for me.

Hmm… that is what I’m running and it still shows for me. Odd.

This is really strange. Any ideas how I can debug this?

Works for me too.

You could try with a new browser profile…

I just installed Chrome Canary, which does not share its profile with the normal Chrome. The result: No “grippie”.

Are you on a touch display? I see this in the styles on my laptop:

.touch .grippie {
    display: none;
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Yes, my main display has both a touchscreen and digitizer.

(I don’t see any way to resize the composer, not even using touch.)

Update: I received confirmation of this problem from multiple users, even ones without touchscreens.

I have a feeling that this is closely related to that bug.

It might be the same kind of issue. Let me try this.

EDIT: you were right. It was indeed the same kind of issue.