Cannot resize the editor with touch

When the editor is open in desktop view, it shows a little grabber in the top center to allow resizing.
This grabber refuses to cooperate with my finger – I cannot resize the editor with touch on my laptop (Chrome on Windows), mouse or pen input work fine.
On iPad, the editor cannot be resized at all, because there is only touch :frowning:

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This is another no mans land between the rare devices that have mouse and touch simultaneously. For now, use mouse.

My iPad has no mouse, so I cannot resize the editor at all :sadpanda:

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Why would you need to? I can’t recall ever needing to, in years of using iPads with Discourse.

In that case, I was proofreading a long post I had written.
It feels really silly to have an iPad-sized device when the post you are reading is forced into an iPhone-5-sized box on the bottom…

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@codinghorror, I noticed that you moved this to #feature. I agree that the ability to resize the composer on iPad is a feature request, but isn’t showing a grabber that simply refuses to work a #bug? If fixing the grabber to support touch is difficult, can we at least hide it on devices without a mouse?

Good luck detecting that in the browser, but if you can… go ahead and PR it.