The composer gets stuck under the header if dragged too far up

If you drag the composer bar up to its fullest extent, it becomes impossible to drag it back down again.

The header overlaps the ‘grab bar’ of the composer, making it ungrabbable. The only way to get the composer back to where it should be is to resize the window (if you can) or resize the text. This is a bit of a pain, and beyond the skills of many users!

This is in Chrome on Desktop (Mobile is fine). Sorry I haven’t tested it more widely.

Dragged close to the top

Dragged even further up

Dragged too far and STUCK

Does the issue happen for you here on Meta?
I can’t reproduce it here or locally.

Are you on the latest?
If not, can you try updating.

Can you try safe mode?

Can you post a link to the site you’re seeing the issue on?

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Yup - it happens in Meta too:

But not with the Focused Sidebar theme, which is why I suspect that you don’t experience it.

Sorry, I’m still unable to reproduce the issue with or without the sidebar.

Can you please try an incognito window? If it still happens there, can you please share more details about the devices you’re seeing this issue on?

OS/browser/device if possible please.


I get it on my 3 different instances, including on safe mode, and here on with the Light theme.

This is via Chrome on ChromeOS. When I get a chance I’ll try it on some other browsers / devices.

Would take a screen recording but it has glitched out (new feature in ChromeOS :wink:). Will add one soon.