Canonical doc on using discourse via email for end-users?

I’ve found this topic, but it’s auto-closed with no real resolution other than “don’t worry it’s easy”. Particularly, there’s no apparent guidance on three topics:

  • creating new topics via email
  • the perhaps-surprising preference where email isn’t sent if you’re active on the website
  • commands like +1 via replies — apparently a thing?

I have users asking me for the docs on this, and to my surprise I can’t find anything official. I found several decent guides at various forums:

but they’re all kind of site specific — for example, referring to this custom plugin which I can’t run on a hosted site. Rather than each writing their own, I think there really should be a user-facing document. Thanks!


This might help: Start a New Topic via Email ✉

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That’s definitely helpful for setting it up, but arguably anti-helpful for end users, which is what I meant. :slight_smile: I’ve edited the topic title to make that more clear.

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