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I originally posted this here, but was told that this issue should be reposted on this site.

On my computer, I am not able to access this website. I am posting this here via my phone. I have opened an issue on github documenting this phenomenon. Please read the issue: Can't Access · Issue #106841 · python/cpython · GitHub Make sure to scroll down and read the entire thing.

Though you should still read the github issue, here is a summary.

Does the same happens in an incognito tab in the same browser or in another browser on the same device?


No, this does not happen in Microsoft Edge’s Incognito Mode.

I only have Microsoft Edge installed due to my laptop’s incredibly low storage space, but I will test in another browser when I get a chance (it’s a pain to set up). That should be tomorrow.

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That usually means an addon is involved. Do you have the YouTube AutoQuality one installed? If not I’m afraid you will need to uninstall one by one to find the culprit.


I’m sorry, it looks like the problem is from an extension after all! I have a browser extension that disables all other extensions, which is what I used to “disable” all my extensions during my initial testing. But I guess that it wasn’t completely disabling them, because upon manually disabling all my extensions, the problem went away!

I will work on discovering the culprit extension right now. And I’ve learned my lesson - never rely on third-party tools; always do stuff the manual way if you need to test something.

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The culprit was the Scrollbar Customizer extension. I have never had issues with it for any other site, so this is weird. I guess I’m forced to disable it - I’ll miss you, Scrollbar Customizer :frowning:


I shot off an email to the dev just in case


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