Weird Formatting Bug in old Microsoft Edge

I went to check a forum on my secondary computer and I encountered this. I am wondering if my browser is at fault, but I need some input. What should I do to diagnose the problem?

Browser version: 18.19041

Forum version: 2.6.0.beta1

Two things I’d check first:

  1. Does the site load in safe mode?

  2. Are there any errors in the console? To see those you need to right click the page, select inspect, and then switch to the “console” tab.

If the site works in safe mode, then it’s an issue with a theme or a plugin. If the site doesn’t work in safe mode something else has gone wrong with Discourse. Looking at errors in the console will start to give us an idea of what exactly is going on.


Actually, this popped up in my news feed. Microsoft Edge will apparently reach end of life on March 9, 2021. Is Discourse dropping support for Microsoft Edge (resulting in broken formatting)?

We don’t support IE11, but we do support the latest version of Edge. If it’s an older version of Edge it’s possible that it could be a compatibility issue.

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I am apparently running the latest version of Microsoft Edge, so I do not understand why there would be compatibility issues or why Microsoft is ending support for it.

We support the latest version of Edge, which at this time is version is 84.


Ah, okay. When it comes to Discourse, is there an end of support date for legacy Edge (especially considering that Microsoft is putting it on the chopping block)? If that isn’t already the case, shouldn’t Discourse make their support status of legacy Edge more clear (like what they did with Internet Explorer 11)?

We already don’t support it. As our website states, we support the latest stable version of each major browser.

Our policy is even similar to Microsoft own properties like LinkedIn that support two last versions of each major browser.

The old Edge never got much tracking and supporting it would not be a worthwhile trade-off in my opinion.


Microsoft refers to legacy Edge and the new Chromium Edge as two different entities. Both browsers are vastly different, but have the same name.

Maybe it should be made clear that only the new Microsoft Edge is officially supported by Discourse. Right now, it just says “Microsoft Edge” and doesn’t exactly refer to which of the two browsers.

44.19041 is the latest version of legacy Edge, while the latest version of the new Microsoft Edge is 84.0.522. With all of that said and done, I still think that Discourse’s end of support status for legacy Edge should be made more clear, like what happened with Internet Explorer 11. Novices might need the clarification.

Microsoft Edge has different versioning systems for different operating systems.

That’s not entirely true. 44.xx (45.xx as I type this this) here refers to the Android / iOS / Xbox versions of that browser.

The latest PC version of that browser is 84.xx

That said, these are all based on the new Chromium Edge. The latest version of legacy Edge is 18.xx

Microsoft has decided to move on from their own implementation to a Chromium-based browser while keeping the same name. So, it’s the same browser as far as we’re concerned and the same idea applies here.


They’re two separate applications, and as such, that is how Microsoft treats them.

The “latest” release of Microsoft Edge could easily refer to the legacy Microsoft Edge.