Discourse forums don't work with Chrome when logged in


I am using Chrome with some extensions (I don’t care about cookies, uBlock origin…) and when entering a forum which uses Discourse I can’t scroll. The page is blocked.

I have to delete the cookies to get it back working, but then I’m logged off

Why is this happening? maybe any chrome add-on?


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did you try chrome incognito mode to see if an extension is causing the issue?



When I try to log in with the incognito mode I get an error message such:

It seems your browser has the cookies deactivated. It is possible that you can’t log in without activating them first.

Maybe related with my problem?


that’s because you probably have block all cookies enabled in your chrome privacy and security settings. just enable block third-party cookies in incognito and you should be able to log in.

I just checked and I have the third-party cookies in incognito activated


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ok, i’ve been trying to activate and deactivate the add-ons, it seems this was the problem

Auto Quality for YouTube™

Strange, I don’t see the relation between videos and a forum

I’ll see if it works now without the add-on



Also here they talked about it:

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Thanks. Saved me a whole bunch of time flicking the add-ons on and off. Disabling this Auto Quality for YouTube fixes the issue with all the Discourse based forums I am on. It happened on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (fully updated).

When the add-on is on - You cannot scroll down in forums. Not sure how is the add-on making this happen but CTRL + SHIFT + R seems to be a temporary remedy for those that need the Addon.

Is someone looking into this? What is the addon triggering? Why does it break discourse based sites?