Can't add more tags to a topic, and not all are shown in the dropdown?

I’m playing around with tagging; including reading the docs on this topic.
But it still looks somewhat confusing.

One of the biggest annoyance is that there are topics which don’t allow adding more tags. In addition, not all tags are shown when trying to add a one.

Tagging is enabled (up to 5 tags per topic) and users are allowed to add and create tags. In addition, I don’t have tags grouped in any way.

Not sure of a theme may or may not influence this. But currently we have “FKB Pro” enabled. Users are not allowed to select anything else.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Presumably you mean Topics as you can’t tag Posts.

Also you might have reached the max, but there’s a setting:


I suggest you familiarise yourself with the settings in the Tag section.



Thank you for the suggestion.
I’m aware of this setting. Most topics have just one tag - a few have 3.
But there are no topics with 5.

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And, here is also a setting, maybe for reference.

By the way, I have encountered a strange problem before. There were some tags that mysteriously disappeard. They were visible on topics already tagged with them, but they did’t show up in the list of tags in any way. I’ve searched many ways but it happens completely randomly, so I didn’t report this bug(?)

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Thank you @Lhc_fl - but for the moment we have less then 10 tags. :smile:

Just upgraded and tried to add yet another tag to a Topic with lots of tags (but below the limit of, in my case, 12): no issues.

So I can’t repro this.

Attached is a picture. It can be clearly seen that there are somehow fewer tags on the left than on the right. I swear the tags inside this tag group have absolutely no special visibility permissions set.

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Consider opening your own topic.
As this is not what I’m experiencing.

Sorry, I thought they were related because I also had no clue about the disappearing tags. (not all tags are shown when trying to add a one.)

If so we should ask the moderators to split it into a new topic.

@Lhc_fl - I understand - sorry for the confusion.

Reason for the suggestion is that I have all tags visible when clicking “All tags” in the left site-bar. Which looks like a different behavior compared to what you are talking about.

It is just that on some topics (not all!), tags are missing when I try to add an existing tag (which is shown in the list when clicking “All tags”).

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@merefield - thinking out loud:
Could it be related to language settings?
Meaning a tag created with the language settings in Dutch doesn’t show when switching to English (and v.v.)?
In addition, a topic created with the language settings in English doesn’t allow adding tags that have already have the same word in Dutch.

Does this make any sense?

Solved! :slight_smile:

The problem was related to one of the main categories with a limit of 1 specific tag.
Which was then blocking for adding other tags to all topics in this category.


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