Some of the tags are not shown in the tag-bar

we have 7 tags for our forum, and when someone wants to assign a tag to a topic, 2 of them which has been used less, are not shown in the suggested list.

only admins and moderators can assign those tags to a topic.

any idea why this is happening?

those tags are shown in the tag-page.
screenshots which may help:

The appropriate Tag(s) don’t show once you start entering characters into the input?

Depending on how many tags there are and how similar their beginning characters are affects how many characters need to be entered, but it works fine for English AFAIK.

Maybe the RTL is broken?

no, even when you enter the whole word as a user (and not admin or moderator), it can not be assigned to the topic.

If only admin or moderator can enter it, did you mark those tags staff only?

no staff-only tag at the moment, but they behave that way.

even when admin writes the tag name the number of topics that exist in that tag are not shown. it’s like that the tag is just created at that moment. but when i go to the tag-page it shows the correct number of posts with that tag.

update! i haven’t seen this option before:

there’s a setting named “max tag search results” and it was set to 5, the behavior of tags gets corrected after I changed it to 7 (total number of tags).


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