Can't add plugin outlet to view

I want to add some extra plugin outlet for plugins
For example I added line
{{plugin-outlet "bread-and-tee" tagName="li"}} to app/assets/javascripts/discourse/templates/components/bread-crumbs.hbs
in development environment and I can’t see any change.
Is there some procedure to build views? Should I do rake assets:precompile

If I add usual html code to a template I can see it in the view, but plugin-outlet completely ignores by template.
Is there some special treatment for plugin-outlet?

It should work… Whenever I change a plugin, I make sure the changes are picked up by deleting some files and then restarting the rails server.

rm -Rf tmp/cache/assets/* && rm -Rf tmp/stylesheet-cache/* && bundle exec rails s

Also, the plugin should populate the outlet with a file assets/javascripts/discourse/templates/connectors/bread-and-tee/myplugin.hbs.


This didn’t help. I discovered a variable Ember.TEMPLATES and this variable doesn’t have precompiled templates with my plugin-outlet name. Any idea how to debug this problem?