Plugins not loading. What am I missing?

(Rohmann) #1

I’m attempting to write a custom plugin. I’ve got a development environment setup with vagrant. I’ve created my own plugin

# name: my-plugin
# about: Customizations
# version: 0.0.1
# authors: Alex

I’ve also installed a couple official plugins. Although the plugin names appear on the admin plugin screen, their javascript isn’t loading - even for the official ones. No connectors are being loaded through their respective outlets.

I’ve tried clearing tmp and restarting Rails with: rm -rf tmp; bundle exec rails s -b

Any thoughts on what I’m missing or doing wrong here?

(Robin Ward) #2

I have never seen this before. Are there any errors in your development console? Perhaps something is breaking the Javascript for the application?

What plugins are you trying?

(Rohmann) #3

Thank you for the quick reply! No errors in the rails console or the javascript console. At first I had these plugins:

  • discourse-unhandled-tagger
  • discourse-presence

I just installed discourse-canned-replies and it’s working nicely.

The other two don’t seem to be loading templates into connectors. For example, I don’t see the “Unhandled / Handled” button that should be placed in the footer.

Specifically, the connector I’m trying to access is topic-list-after-title, by creating this file:

(Rohmann) #4

Alrighty, false alarm on the plugins not working… I don’t think I had them setup right.

I was having some issues with getting the topic-list-after-title connector to work until I stumbled upon this:

Apparently you need to name the file *.raw.hbs to use raw outlets.

(Robin Ward) #5