Can't change font colour of 'log in' and 'sign up' buttons in theme?

I don’t see an option to change the text or background color for the log in/sign up buttons, is there a way to do this?

(using dark/light toggle GitHub - discourse/discourse-color-scheme-toggle: Color Scheme Toggler to switch between Dark / Light schemes set by the user's preferences)

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Not sure on the toggle.

This theme-component might do what your looking for.

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You could create a theme component with CSS for .login-button or sign-up-button.


Thanks for the info, does that just apply to the login landing page after you click the button, or the on screen buttons themselves, see for reference:

Trying to change the either blue background colour here (don’t see this in settings) or the font color.

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Tbh @Jonathan5 imho has the better solution idea by targetting the element directly.

If the trendy login supports markdown and you have bbcode or bbcode color plugin installed you might be able to use


That should make Text black and background blue.

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