Can't change system user profile picture independently of small logo


I can’t seem to change the system user icon on Discourse anymore, i’ve been trying to do it through the user preferences page for the system user. But no matter what i select it just uses the small logo icon.

Assumed it was something to do with my setup using an S3 bucket and for some reason it not deleting the avatar URL reference, but i noticed it still happens on a clean install for me on local development. (Using version 2.7.0.beta1)

The only way to fix it is to change the small logo in the “brand” settings section, but this then changes the logo as well, so i can’t change them separately.

The problem our company theme has a navbar with a dark background, so the actual logo has a partial white fill.

The system user icon is half hidden because of this

For the time being I’ve created an alternate version of the logo with a dark rounded background, so the system user icon works, but I’ve had to negatively offset the logo margin in the navbar using css so it lines up with the container as the old one did.

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this?

Thanks for any help


Just create a different user with the desired logo and set that as the notification user (I can’t remember the name)

I’m facing the same problem.
It started immediately after the update to 2.7.0.beta1 (869d25b7d3).
In our case the logo, that is taken directly from the Brand section, is stretched and cut.

Unfortunately changing the small logo icon is not an option for us.

@pfaffman could you please give more details about your comment?
Is that the only possible solution?

Thanks in advance.

I thought that there was a system setting that let you choose which user was used for announcements and notifications, but I don’t see it, so I guess I’m wrong.

I just pushed a fix:

You can opt-out by disabling the use_site_small_logo_as_system_avatar setting.