I am not able to change avatar of "system" user

Hi ,
I am not able to change avatar of “system” user , i´ve uploaded one image ,
its refreshing the page and doesnt change it , which can be the problem ?

I have change also the name and user from “system” to “othername” .

Other users can do it without problems .



I have the same experience, I don’t believe it is an issue tho, seems on purpose and I don’t think we can override it for now. It is a good feature by default for forums imo, but it’d be nice to be able to customize it at some point.


system is taking control of our forums, we can’t overturn it it’s too late

terminator GIF


Another vote for this. I just spent 15 mins trying to change it back to the cog icon, and then searching for this post. Even though the “save” button in the avatar change dialog was enabled and looked like it was working as normal, no changes were saving. At a minimum it would be nice if that option was visibly disabled instead of just failing to work. At best, as suggested, it would be nice if we could control this. Maybe just a checkbox below the small site logo setting saying “ also use for system user avatar?”. Although that may still cause confusion if there is no indication of this in the user avatar dialog.

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We just fixed this. See: