Can't close user notes modal due to deprecated guest gate plugin

To replicate:

  • click a user avatar in a post to get the user card
  • click the user card to get the profile
  • click the user notes button

Clicking the X to close the modal does nothing. Hitting ESC does nothing. Reloading the page seems to be the only way to close the modal.

This site has a few crazy plugins, but the problem persists in safe mode.

I have just given this a go, and it works here on Meta?


Cannot repro… maybe you should look at those crazy plugins?

Feel free to PM me the hostname and I’ll be happy to have a look.


OK. I moved this to #support. This guy insists that he hates custom plugins but also insists that his site does things that require plugins. :slight_smile:

I will crank up the staging site and start removing stuff.


It was the guest gate plugin. Thanks, @RGJ!


I’ve looked at a couple of customer sites recently which had some truly egregious examples of plugin hoarding - mores than certain Wordpress sites. The need to rebuild when installing a plugin had convinced them to install practically everything they could find on the off-chance they would one day need them, and unlike WP they didn’t appreciate that even disabled plugins can have an impact on stability and performance.

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Interesting. A two-container installation an a dashboard that would let you graphically add/remove plugins could be a good solution for those people. :slight_smile:


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