Force signin plugin

Why this plugin?

The default option in discourse to force signin users is to completely hide the content behind, and show text to signin users.

If you want something like Quora, where users will be shown login modal, you can use force-signin plugin.
This plugin will show signin modal if the user is not signed in.

Options available are

  • Force signin in home page
  • Force signin in topics page
  • Allow user to close signin modal

U can download the plugin from here


I will be adding more features to this plugin. Some things that are in my mind are

  • Allow customizing text in login modal

Suggestions and comments are welcome !!


How does this compare to?


I totally missed this plugin…
Thanks for the link.

I installed the plugin in my local machine. Some of the differences I could find was

  1. force-signin allows to force signin selectively on home page and/or topics page. This I could not find in guest-gate plugin

  2. In the guest-gate, the “x button disabled” setting only disables the close button in first popup. The user can still close the “Log in” popup and bypass the signin. Compared to this, in the force-signin, the “Allow user to close signin modal” do not allow the user to close the login modal by clicking outside the modal, and also hides the close button

Other features which are not present in force-signin plugin, but I am hoping to add these in future.’

  • I do not show customized modal. Although I was hoping to customize the text.
  • I was also hoping to add the topic tracking ( like quora… Do not force signin for few topics etc )

I agree that differences may be minor, and as the guest-gate plugin development started before, it already has users and more votes.

I am planning to use this plugin in two of my discourse sites after it is complete.

Do you feel that differences are minor, and having two plugins doing almost same job will confuse users?

Actually there are three plugins :wink:. Guest Gate plugin is customized fork of my repo. My repo is simple plugin with minimal features.

Now as per @veer’s plugin request I created Content Lockers plugin. It have both Guest Locker (Gate) and Social Locker features in single place. Also I am going to add Ad Locker feature in it. (My idea is to create single plugin to all content locking options) :grinning:

Please have a look at my Content Lockers repo too. So you may get more ideas.

I hope, It will not confuse users. It will give more options to choose.



I hope, It will not confuse users. It will give more options to choose.

I too think the same.

Actually, I think the raw discourse system has a

login required (do not allow anonymous login)

in settings.

So, what is the difference with your plugin?

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