Can't complete advanced tutorial because I don't have permission to create polls

I created an account and started taking your tutorial. After completing the first one, I discovered that there was an advanced tutorial so I dug in deeper.

Unfortunately, I’m now stuck as there’s a conflict between the Trust Level I have as a brand new user and the Trust Level required to create a poll. So, now I can’t complete the tutorial (though perhaps this post will raise my trust enough to make that moot).

A couple of solutions present themselves:

  • Exempt Discobot conversations from the Trust Level requirement so that the tutorial can be completed.
  • State “to continue this tutorial, you’ll need more Trust on this site”.

Either way, it might be interesting to introduce the concept of Trust Levels earlier in the tutorial (I only know about them from poking around, not from the tutorial) so that new users realize that they won’t be able to create a poll on the outset (among other things).

There may be other thoughts on this but I’d love to complete the tutorial, either way, so I’d prefer the first option. In a sandbox, I’m not sure why the TL restrictions should apply (love to hear more on this if anyone has thoughts, too!). Another slight point of friction - I wasn’t told that I couldn’t create a poll until I’d spent five minutes creating one and figuring out the various elements, so it’d be great to know about that sooner.

(Aside, Discobot is now pinging me, distressed that I’ve wandered off without completing the tutorial. It’s not my fault, little friend! I’m sorry!)


This specific case should have been fixed already: Discobot: don't take users through the poll tutorial if it's not enabled

Possibly it has regressed.

(for now you can skip the step by telling discobot skip)


Maybe it’s the title of the PR there that’s confusing

FIX: Show poll options when user is in a PM with a bot.

It sounds like you make it possible to access the poll tool but not (necessarily) to submit the poll.

I had no issues opening the poll creator tool. Worked great. I just couldn’t hit “reply”.


I did see that, too, eventually. By the time I did, I had been upped to TL1 so it was possible to just send the poll.


Looking at the change, you might be right, we’ll check.


Confirmed (thanks @awesomerobot) on try this is a bug we ought to fix.


I have fixed this problem by skipping the poll validation in private messages with non human users.


I think we should instead skip the poll step whenever the user doesn’t have the required trust level to complete that step


That works too.


Really? I don’t know. I liked being introduced to it and it seems unlikely someone would realize that there was a new thing that they could do unless Discobot pings them to say:

Hey, there’s a new training module you can do now about polls, if you’re interested [do this]!

Yeah, realistically, very few people take the advanced tutorial - I was 165th to get the badge when I completed it yesterday vs 900th for the basic one - and many people may already be TL 1 by the time they take it, so that leaves a tiny subset who fall into my category.

I’m also not sure if Discobot is used widely on other Discourse sites. Maybe some sites encourage new users to take both tutorials so they have a higher incidence of getting stuck…

But this ties into feature support. Do you want users to know about the feature? I assume so, since you include it in the tutorial while the date/time tool and the blurred spoiler tool and the code markup tool aren’t included.

So, if you want people to use it and know about it, particularly when it’s hidden two clicks deep in the cog menu, don’t exclude them because they’re TL0. :slight_smile: They won’t be for long if they’re that interested in learning about the platform that they found the advanced tutorial so early.