Can't approve a user's first post if it has a poll

Just ran across this, if a user’s first post contains a poll (the one I tried to approve had two, maybe that matters), then you can’t approve the post because “You can’t create polls”.


Can you check what Trust Level the user is, and the site setting value for poll minimum trust level to create?

I just tried it out, and if the user hasn’t reached the trust level, they should technically not be able to see the “Build Poll” option in the composer. If they paste the markdown for a poll, the topic will still be sent to the review queue, but as you noted, approving it will fail due to the site setting.

I don’t think this is a bug if that’s the case^. Let me know.

Since it was their first post, 0, and the setting was at 1.

True, but the error message could probably be changed a bit to be less confusing for staff in this scenario.