Can't create a new API key for existing user (maybe bug)

Can each user only have 1 API key? If this isn’t a bug, there definitely needs to be some guiding instructions here:

When I type this, I cannot click “Save” – why?


How about a tooltip or an error tip below that tells me why this button is disabled?

I found out later that normal usernames have suggestions that popup – existing accounts that have an API key don’t show up at all, making a truly confusing experience. When I first typed the user’s name, nothing showed up at all and had no suggestions like “user not found” or “user already has an api key (max 1)” or something.

It feels strange that I can’t assign more than 1 API key for different things, though - I thought that was the main point of API keys to keep scope very particular - feels more like a bug.


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There is a reasonable chance that you have encountered a bug that’s been fixed. I’d do an update.


I am having similar type of issue where I cannot click on save it is grayed out. I am not sure if they are related. I am creating first user API key.


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The “Save” button will be disabled until you fill in the “Description” field. Try filling in that field and see if you are then able to save the API key.


Thanks! it worked…