Can't create new color scheme

This is on a hosted instance.


The select base color scheme box comes up, but whether I select dark or light, clicking the “new” button does nothing.

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Can confirm here on Meta. Could this be select-kit related @joffreyjaffeux?

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It’s fixed now. I don’t know if it got updated or it was a browser thing.

I can assume you we didn’t change anything. If you do a browser refresh, does it go back to failing? It does here.

Looks like the “default” option is what’s failing. Changing the selection works, and it continues to work until a browser refresh.

It seems like a new color scheme can be based only on Dark. But somehow I managed to create one based on light.

I can’t quite figure it out.

I don’t know if it’s related, but I also cannot upload a theme. I can select it, but the import button does nothing.

This seems like a problem that was fixed a couple months back.

This commit should fix the issue when creating a new color scheme:


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