Can't edit category descriptions when there's a trash icon next to them

Some of the category descriptions on our forum have a trash icon next to them. When trying to edit these category descriptions, I receive error 500.

What does the trash icon mean?

It means that someone deleted the topic. You need to undelete it.

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Thanks! Should I look for an “Undelete” button? I can’t seem to find it…

That’s not really correct @pfaffman, it means someone deleted the user. But that is very bad news indeed for a required topic such as the “about this category” topics.

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One solution I’m thinking of is creating new categories, bulk-moving topics to the new ones and then delete this problematic categories altogether. Would that work?

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I think so,and that might be the surest solution. It still sounds to me like you deleted the category topic. Do you see a deleted “about” topic if you look in the category?

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No, I don’t think the topic itself is deleted. I dont see a deleted “about” topic in the category and the system still offers me as an option to delete the topic. Thanks!

So you’re saying the “system” avatar is the trash can icon? That doesn’t sound correct to me. Shouldn’t it be the Discourse logo?

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