Can't delete the "about this category" topics

When I select a topic to delete it, this argument is not cleared immediately.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to say?

When I try to delete a thread:

the thread remains and can not be erased…

Nothing, I can not remove them and do not understand why…

Every Category must have the “About the ____ Category” topic.
These can not be deleted

But they should, and in fact need to be, Edited to a brief definition of the category.


I do not like that you can not delete.
This way you have to write forced topic.

Those forced topics are where the Category Description lie. Which is also why your users can’t see any categories, because you haven’t edited this topics that can’t be deleted.


Similar to the problems some have had trying to delete seeded Categories, I’m thinking a change in the UI indicating that the About topics can not be deleted would help prevent misunderstanding how these work. eg.


Ok, I have realized that they can not be erased…
And if not edit, the category is not seen.

I do not like this thing.
You have to give a chance to eliminate these threads, or not include them in the creation of a category.

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Unpin it, and if you insist make it unlisted. Hover on a category, you will see some text, that text comes from your category description topic.

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Well, ideally category titles would be self-explanatory and not need descriptions.
But if some members have trouble understanding sentences I fear they would have even more trouble understanding one word titles.

I have not tried it, but what happens if you create a topic in the newly created category. Problem with forum view - #7 by Roxelle

Until you edit this text or create topics, this category won’t appear on the categories page

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