Can't make the subscription plugin work

Hi, I have been trying to use the subscription plugin for my Discourse forum, but I am a tech noob and I don’t find the instructions that I found here specific enough for me.

So far I have:

But when I get to the next two points I get stuck:


Regarding the user group: am I supposed to create a regular user group from scratch? Any type of group? How do I assign that specific user group to this sales/subcription process? At which point?

Regarding the product/plan: in Discourse > Admin > Plugins > Subscriptions there is no option of creating a product and a plan. There is only a space that I can fill with the Stripe product ID, but nothing else (I have already created the Product and the Payment plan in Stripe).

Can someone help? Thanks so much in advance!

If you create a group as normal, you’ll then be able to assign it on the next step when you ‘Add a Plan’ to the new product you create. :+1:

For this, go to [YourSite]/admin/plugins/discourse-subscriptions/products, and you should see the ‘+ New Product’ button in there:


Thank you so much! Really helpful!!! :smiley:

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