Discourse Subscriptions with Thrive Cart

I was wondering how I can use the Discourse Subscriptions plugin (or any other similar plugin) to:

  • Create a private subscription-ONLY group within Discourse

  • Grant users access to this private group only when they purchase a product using Thrive Cart.

I am assuming that I can send a webhook from Thrive Cart to Discourse to create a new user and grant them access to the subscription-ONLY group?

It’s worth noting that I am using Wordpress SSO. I thin it might even be worth exploring the Discourse Automation plugin for this.

Any advice here would be helpful. Thanks!

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Looks like Thrive uses Stripe?


The problem is that it uses Stripe Connect so you don’t get your own Stripe api keys that the Discourse Subscription plugin still needs.

This webhook likely doesn’t match the Stripe one so it won’t be compatible with the Discourse subscription plugin.

The discourse subscription plugin likely isn’t the route to go for this at the moment because it is only designed to work with Stripe directly. Unless you want to build a simple Discourse plugin yourself to accept the thrive webhook I would look into using Zapier It should be able to accept the Thrive webhook, and then make a corresponding api call to Discourse that adds the user to your private group.