Allow option to open Stripe payment website

Is it possible to allow users to pay by going to the Stripe website? A lot of users on my Forum would prefer that to be more safer, the UI is also a lot cleaner. This way I can also enable more Stripe options eg. Paypal.

Yes, that can be done by simply posting a link for payment by stripe in a forum post.

There may be another way to integrate Stripe with Discourse directly.

That could work, but I want to auto assign a group once the payment is successful.

I’m not sure if that could be automated or you could just do that manually.

That may be a feature request I tried a search for that looks like there has been some talk about that already or similar questions.

Found this one, don’t know if there is anything helpful here:

It can be automated with the current subscriptions plugin (it listens to webhook), but I’m wondering how to link it to the Stripe payment link.

There may be answers here:

I found a plugin that may be useful for my case: Stripe Donations Plugin

It is unmaintained though I will try it out and update you.
EDIT: It seems to have a custom payment page just like the others, will continue to look

Here is other topic with similar question:

This would likely be the best answer, but is unfinished. You might like to contribute to the project:

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