Can't override pluralized string if it is missing in the locale file

If the translation is not in the English file, the translation from the admin interface does not work.


Some cases can be very sensitive; this is on the central page of the site.

v2.0.0.beta5 +192


I consider this a minor bug. It will be fixed eventually, but it’s currently at the bottom of my list.

For the sake of completeness, here are steps to reproduce:

  • Make sure doesn’t contain a translation for topic_count_latest.few.
  • Go to Admin -> Customize -> Text Content and search for topic_count_latest.

Expected: It should list all the pluralization keys for Russian (one, few, other).
Actual: It lists only the pluralization keys for English and the ones available in the Russian locale file.

Regarding the missing translation: I updated the translations today, so you should be able to see the translated strings when you update to latest.

And you shouldn’t see the [ru.topic_count_latest.few] in production mode. It should fallback to English. Are you saying this isn’t happening? Can you reproduce it on try or meta?


Into a file:

topic_count_latest - no.

Meta’s hard to test. The fact is that if Russian translation is not added to the database using the admin interface, the transfer is taken apparently from a file. It will show English.

I noticed on my website. But only it is necessary to add a translation through the administrator interface, then this error will appear. (not only on the Central page, but also in the search results, etc. where there - few)

Changes in the file:


Oh, for some reason it didn’t update all translation files. :thinking: should fix it.


Thank you very much. All appeared. :+1:



Fixed in


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