Can find "replies" string in the texts to translate

I have translated all the “replies” strings in the dashboard, but this string in the notification menu is not translated yet. can someone help me figure out where it is?


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That’s embed.replies, but it looks like this is a language where that string wasn’t translated on Transifex the last time we updated the translations in core. And then you run into the following bug:

You see only the one and other key, but I guess your language usually has a lot more or different keys. That’s why overriding doesn’t work.

Please make sure that the strings you want to customize are actually translated on Transifex. That way everyone will get the translations the next time we update them and you will be able to override them in the admin section.


yes, the translation hasn’t been accepted in transifex:

there were already suggestions for the string, but as you can see the translation can’t be saved.

working with transifex is a little bit hard! can you guide about this?




thanks for the effective guide. done :+1: .


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