Can't post message using desktop view on mobile

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Using desktop view, default theme, on an iPhone 11 Pro Max on portrait mode, the Reply and Close buttons are almost on screen but not quite, so can’t be used. It’s ok in landscape mode.

You’re not meant to use desktop view on mobile, this is why we have a mobile view


Fair enough. I’d not have planned to. Somehow I got moved to it automatically. After adding it to my home screen and before the forum went into maintenance mode (though probably both coincidences).

But if we are “not meant” to use it, maybe you shouldn’t be tempting us by having the desktop–mobile switch on the mobile sidebar.

Just a guess. If you have configured your mobile browser tab/window to show a desktop view, and you load another website in the same tab/window later, it keeps the desktop view. It happened to and surprised me a few times, but it might also be not your case :slight_smile:

edit: I read a bit fast the last part of your message.

Indeed, I’m not sure why there’s this toggle, especially since most browsers have this feature.

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Thanks. Maybe that’s it – sometimes I do request desktop mode. Though I thought the “Add to Home Screen” things used Safari but were somehow separate from it. Default theme and mobile view all the way now!