Get rid of mobile-desktop toggle from mobile sidebar

Continuing the discussion from Can't post message using desktop view on mobile:

As we are not meant to use desktop view on mobile, the toggle allowing us to enter desktop view should be removed from the sidebar, at least for all screen sizes that can’t cope with desktop view.

Thanks for considering this “feature un-request” / “un-feature request”!

yea it’s a bit redundant but a lot of users don’t know how to change views via browser, so the function helps that way. i change a lot on my ipad but i usually use the browser text method.

We switch between mobile/desktop views by detecting the browser’s user agent… and this isn’t always 100% accurate, so these buttons can help in a “worst case” scenario where you find yourself in the wrong view.


that’s a great point.

Maybe just remove it in cases when you’re 100% sure the user shouldn’t enter desktop mode. Unless those cases don’t exist! :slight_smile:

The toggle seems to have disappeared! :slight_smile: