Can't rebuild due to failed postgres 12 upgrade

What I meant is to go to the /var/discourse directory (it has the discourse_docker git repository in it). If you just create a directory named discourse_docker you will install a new discourse. What I meant is to run the following (and only the following):

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

Just make sure to stop the new discourse you started.

(Or you can just start a new discourse and restore it)

I didn’t create this folder. It was already there :thinking:

New discourse forum is now setup (yes working with nginx) ^^.

Just had a problem with sending activation email but I will deal with that on another topic.

Thank you all for helping.

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Good to know. Didn’t you want to use an already existing discourse site? But if that worked in your case then it’s fine too :slight_smile:



I didn’t want to use any existing discourse. I wanted to do fresh installation for a brand new domain.

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