Can't rebuild due to theme errors

I have a site that has not been upgraded in a long while. I can’t log in to the UX, it seems.

It has theme component(s) that have references to console in them that are causing the theme(s) to be broken.

Is there a way that I can disable these themes in Rails so that I can rebuild the site and then fix the themes after it’s back up?

Or, can I set some generic theme as the default so maybe it can ignore all of the theme components?

have you tried Safe mode ?

Thanks! But safe mode won’t help. I can’t log in to the site.

I need to restore this database to another server. I can’t rebuild that site because the theme is causing errors when it rebuilds.

I can’t log in to the broken server. I need to update the database on the broken server, back it up, restore to the new server, and then rebuild the container.

can you log into the db and maybe run an update command ?

I restored the database on the new server. Maybe the problem is still in a plugin and not the theme component.

well easy to remove the plugin.

just comment it out.

otherwise use sql to disable themes and theme components

UPDATE themes
SET enabled = false
WHERE id <> 1
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Did you get this working @pfaffman ?

No. It seems to be some interaction between the plugin and, I think, some theme components. The plugin works on my development instance, but with the full database in production it fails.

I’m afraid that it’s going to take some help from the plugin developer.

I think it has to do with the not-so-new restrictions on javascript, but I still don’t know.

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