Can't revoke moderator status

(Alex Bamford) #1

I need to change up my admins/moderators.

But I am getting an error when I hit “revoke moderator”

Any ideas?



Setting 'min username length' greater than 5 breaks granting and revoking Admin/Moderator permissions
(James Mc Mahon) #2

Have you changed the setting “min username length” in your admin panel at all?
Doing this caused the inverse issue for me. I changed it from the default of 3 to 8. Once I did that, I couldn’t make members mods or admins.

Once I changed it back to 3, I was able to make users mods/admins.

(Sam Saffron) #3

Can you ping us on with the exact modrator you are trying to revoke, we can have a look.

(Alex Bamford) #4

This actually worked.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5