Can't scroll "Watching/Tracking/etc." menu on mobile

On mobile when you click the “XXX/YYY” (number of posts) text to open up the menu, you can also set your watching status by clicking the circle icon. However, with the recent change that allows you to swipe down to close this menu, you cannot scroll at all. That means (at least on my phone with my resolution) I cannot set a thread to Muted using this process.


I am not sure why that menu needs to be so short @joffreyjaffeux… seems to me it could be much taller when popped.

Yes I can try to improve this, however not sure it will fix op issue. If menu height is still superior at available space which is totally possible on small screens.

Will see if I can do something for this too. Otherwise maybe we could think about removing description texts on the smallest screens?


Whatever you think works best is fine by me :+1:


What is your OS?
I can scroll this popup and select all its options on Windows Mobile, for what it’s worth.

I’m using iPhone 8 (regular size). iOS 12.1.x.

It only happens when you open the pop up in the way I described. If you open it from the bottom of a topic it works fine.


For the record it works for me when I scroll down to mute topic but not if I try to scroll back to the top, which slides the whole menu down as you said (not a big deal in my case as the track menu always starts top most and scroll to bottom works).
Still maybe the slide movements done on the tracking sub popup should not be also triggered on parent popup, to avoid its scroll out.

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Made multiple improvements to this: