A user is seeing UI issues in a very small screen iOS device


She has two issues:

On her iPhone she cannot get to ‘Mute Topic’ because there is no scrollbar in the menu like there is on Android

However, on iPad this isn’t an issue, presumably because the screen is larger.

Secondly on the iPad only the ‘jump to’ functionality is not present, but it is working fine on iPhone.

I’m afraid I don’t use Apple mobile products enough to even know what the next step here is?

Thanks in advance

Judging by the 3:2 screen ratio is that an iPhone 4/4s? If so it’s iOS9.3.5?

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Yeah this looks so old it would be unsupported due to locked version of very obsolete iOS. iPhone 4s is also quite slow being a 2012 phone in 2019.

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Okay thanks, I will go back to them.

Regarding the iPad issue with Jump To… I can see the option on my wife’s iPad 2017. Is that likely to be iOS version specific too as I know my wife keeps hers up to date?

“Jump to” is only shown in the mobile layout, so iPads don’t have that option at all.


Okay right, thanks.

I saw this so I just assumed that was it (this is on my iPad 2017)

I clearly have never spotted or used it on my Android phone. Will look again


Oh you’re right, my mistake — iPads held in portrait orientation have that, but they don’t in landscape. It’s dependent on screen width.

When this timeline is present jump to is not.

On smaller screens you tap this to open the navigation menu, and that’s where jump to appears.


User confirms that in fact this is an iPhone SE and iOS 11.4.1 - they can’t upgrade at the moment due to needing to backup a lot of data to make space.

Aha, thanks a lot - I believe this is the issue that she has it in portrait mode and therefore is seeing the desktop version where you don’t see that.

iOS 11 isn’t that old, so it should work. Now that I look at it more closely this may have already been fixed as we’re now hiding the description text for tracking levels on mobile. I believe this is fairly recent, so it might be a few days before you see this update.



Ah okay. (Is scrolling in the menu not possible for iOS like it is in Android then? )

Thanks I’ll tell them.

OK cool, so it can be updated to latest iOS. Phew. The SE is an iPhone 6s internally, so the hardware is solid. I’m just glad that user wasn’t stuck with the pride of 2012, the iPhone 4s…


The screen ratio of the SE is still the same as a 5s (1,136x640) - I’m assuming they cropped off the top off the screenshot provided above for it to end up being so boxy.

Is there a minimum resolution/aspect ratio in terms of what’s supportable?

Just to confirm they have now got this update and are able to mute threads so I have marked that as fixed and this can be closed (presuming it won’t automatically do so).

Thanks for your help.


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