Can't see "edit reason" box when typing on iPhone

When I click on the “i” icon I can type into the box, but I can’t see what I’m typing as the screen scrolls down immediately and the box is just above the top of the screen (ie not on screen).

When I finish typing to check for typing mistakes, it’s only possible to check the first few characters that fill the box width. This is because as soon as I click the text/box, the screen jumps down again and again the box is off screen.

This is using the Discourse Hub app on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. iOS 15.6.1 and Discourse 2.9.0beta10.

I’ve had this problem before but not for a while now.

I can’t replicate this here on Meta (DiscourseHub, iPhone 13 pro, iOS 15.6.1). I checked with both a topic and a reply. Are you up-to-date with upgrades?

Actually, I think maybe I can now. I think it happens in replies rather than topic OPs, and also happens in Safari.

  • Open a reply in edit mode
  • Click on :information_source: edit reason icon while keyboard is open
  • Composer jumps to bottom and edit text box is no longer visible on screen
  • Using normal swipe down returns focus to main text area
  • Selecting edit text box again jumps back to bottom

(Closing the keyboard or using the side scroll before selecting the edit text box can be effective as a workaround, but is not intuitive)