Not seeing topic while composing replies in iOS

One thing I love about Discourse on the desktop computer is that I can see not only the topic I’m responding to, but scroll through it and even search and check other topics while composing a reply. On iOS (both on iPhone and iPad on Safari and Chrome) my experience is that while composing replies I can’t see the topic–not even the post I’m replying to. I see that an iOS app will be part of the 1.7 release. In that new app will users be able to view the topic they are replying to while composing a reply?

This is by design due to

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I see from the link why the issue happens in Safari. It might have gone over my head, but does that extend to the app mentioned in #releases?

Add official iOS and Android “apps” that are browser bundles

Yes, it is a bug in safari we can not workaround it, app uses safari

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Not the answer I was hoping for, but good to know. Thank you.