Can't seem to get Auto Tagging to work

I have added several words under the auto tagging area of watched words.

However creating a new topic and having any of these words in the title or body of the post doesn’t seem to set any auto tags. I assume I must be doing something wrong, but no clue as to what.

Is this not how the feature works?

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Does anyone else have this working?

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Same, it’s not working for me either (the ‘test’ works but not in actual topic creation).

I wanted to check to see if it wors for the title as well as the post and whether it appends the tags to the tag field on typing i.e before the user clicks on submit. This would allow them to remove a tag if they don’t think it is suitable.

Well for a feature they just rolled out you’d think it would be working. :smiley:

I just did a quick test of this on my local development site. When I add an auto-tag watched word, the test works for me, but so far I haven’t been able to get it to auto tag a topic when a post contains one of the watched words. I’ll look into this some more.

Edit: I did a quick test of this on a hosted Discourse site and am running into similar issues to what I’m seeing on my development site. Testing this on my dev site, what I’m finding is that the auto_tag method isn’t being called when I create a new topic that contains an auto-tag word. If I edit an existing topic to add an auto-tag word, the auto_tag method is called and the topic gets tagged.

I’ll move this topic to the bug category.


I did just note that on an embedded topic import from a remote site the auto-tagging did work. I thought maybe it had been patched, but tried it on a normal new topic creation and no joy. So it’s working partially anyway.

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