Where is auto-tag and auto-replace?

On the dashboard it says:

But where is it? Can’t seem to find it in any of the settings.

(Perhaps it might be worth adding where these new features can be found whenever they are mentioned/included? It’s not the first time I’ve tried to find one :rofl:)


Have a look at /admin/logs/watched_words

@awesomerobot / @codinghorror watched words being in “logs” is massively confusing, maybe this should be in “Customize” or somewhere else.

Agree we can do a bit better with the description here.


Yeah Customize makes the most sense, seems like a good move! We’ll want to go back and edit a bunch of Meta posts with the new path once it’s done…


@techAPJ can you move this, maybe keep an alias for the old route that redirects to the new home ?


We could have included a link for those new features too! (though we’ve limited ourselves to one link in our UI for creating feature announcements, maybe that’s too restrictive…)


Sure, done via:

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Unsure if there is a dedicated topic to discuss this but it looks like this feature (auto tag) doesn’t work if the word is in the title and not in the body of the OP?