Can't select some categories

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Thanks for fixing the category. I for some reason am not able to select the “plugin” category.

edit: @sam thanks for fixing that. :wrench:

How is this a bug? The permissions on that category say only TL3 can create topics in it.

It felt like a bug. Now I know.

No problem, maybe @erlend_sh can chime in on the permissions.

Hmm, unless things have changed since

(plugin, not the highlighted howto)

Yeah, you need to be in plugin-authors group to be able to post plugins. (which you are now) :slight_smile:

It do feel like a bug for normal users who don’t know a lot about the system.

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If they don’t know the system, how much chance is there that they’ll be able to write a plugin?

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I think @zh99998 meant “the system” as in “the Meta Forum”. I think there’s an argument to be made here that when a category is visible to you but still limited in some ways, Discourse should explain what those limitations are.

Maybe when non-default permissions are applied, the UI should expose which permissions apply to you, both on the Categories page as well as the drop-down.

Maybe just enough to give people a clue:

plugin x81 - create, reply, see
Plugin directory. To post here, message a Staff member and ask for access. One post per plugin please.

Anyhow, as a first measure I edited the category description a bit to make it clearer.