Can users see which permissions they have?

I’m thinking to set up a forum for learning where some categories will let users only see topics, others will let them reply/see topics, and others will let them create/reply/see topics.

I’m a bit concerned that users will be confused if they don’t know which permissions they have in which categories, not knowing how they can interact with them and what new trust level or user group they would have to join to gain those new permissions.

Is there any way that I, as a user, could see which permissions I have related to creating/replying/seeing and in which categories?

I think the easiest way is to create a theme, where in a tabular form to write all user rights. Something like:

A more complex option is to write a plugin where to create a separate page for participants, going to which the user can see their rights by sections.

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If they can’t see the categories, then they don’t see them. If they can’t post, then there’s no “new topic” button and it’s not recommended when they select a topic. If they can’t reply, then there’s no reply button.


That was my understanding. Maybe something has changed?

eg. I am not a member of the “theme author” group. When I go to the category I see a “+ new topic” button that does not function.
theme - Discourse Meta

I know why because I have read
About the theme category

If you have developed a theme you would like to share, PM @sam and ask to be allowed to be added to the @theme_authors group so you can post your theme.

I don’t have much faith that members actually read what’s important to read, so IMHO it would be better to not show a non-functioning button. Better yet might be to have the button and show some kind of “you need to ask to join” modal.

Yeah, but it’s grayed and when I mouse-over you get a :no_entry_sign: cursor. That seems pretty clear.

Yes, it does have the “disabled” style, which I recognize as such. Using a tablet, I have no “mouseover”.