Can't send email on reverse proxied Discourse

Using nginx to reverse proxy Discourse, I have followed half a dozen instructional posts, and the Discourse setup looks fine and everything works, and the logs show email sent with no errors indicated but they never get to Amazion SES. The setup is identical to my production system with the exception that I now want reverse proxy capability.

Is there any reason why nginx reverse proxy would stop emails, or in this case seemimgly make them disappear into thin air? [I know this sounds weird, but I do not know how to continue to debug these when there are no errors logged anywhere, only correct delivery messages.]

I am certain my Amazon SES is set up correctly as I use it for a lot of production systems.

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Have you considered hiring someone like @pfaffman to assist? Based on post history, these setups you describe are rather complex, and substantially deviate from our simple recommended install.

Jay can be reached at


Thank you for an excellent suggestion. But I have solved all the issues.

Indeed it was only this morning I came to the late realisation from reading that this discourse is for the standard recommended install only, which I must say is clearly a really good policy. So I am actually outside and down the back paddock.

It turns out that all my woes were due to a) added complexity, b) a complete mess of mussed up docker images due to being a docker newbie. Purging all the docker images totally, reinstallaing from scratch, now all works fine.

It’s a nice combination, having nginx and Discourse on the one server. I can have all the landing page, donations page, and so on on the web server. Discourse is superb forum software but I think static pages associated with it are best served by a web server, or so I read. The static page plugins I tried seemed very undeveloped.