Can't upload images

I have been trying to upload a photo but keep receiving an error:

Sorry, there was an error uploading IMG_0361 cr.jpg. Please try again.

I’m using Windows 10 and Firefox.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Different images (including images successfully uploaded to the forums by others) all under 1MB in size
  • File names with/without spaces
  • Different file types (JPG and PNG)
  • All upload methods (Copy+Paste, drag and drop, upload button)
  • Uploading to different threads
  • Turned off Enhanced Tracking Protection
  • Disabled all add-ons
  • Hard reload (Ctrl+Shift+R)

All without any luck. The upload seems to ‘jump’ from 0% to 100% and then the error appears.

When I switch to Google Chrome, I am able to upload … but I would like to resolve this for Firefox, if possible.

I was advised to check the console when uploading and this is the error that appears in the console (in red):

[Uppy] [10:33:44] Failed to upload 9d6fe1d354306b29730d2418baf3141d76a33c6e.jpeg AwsS3/Multipart: Could not read the ETag header. This likely means CORS is not configured correctly on the S3 Bucket. See [AWS S3 | Uppy]( for instructions.

error loggers.js:13
log Uppy.js:1152
ee Uppy.js:1311
oe Uppy.js:1495
emit index.js:131
emit index.js:33
emit Uppy.js:227
onError index.js:736
value MultipartUploader.js:120
(Async: promise callback)
I MultipartUploader.js:230
start MultipartUploader.js:168
uploadFile index.js:823
uploadFile index.js:725
t index.js:979
upload index.js:972
ue Uppy.js:1704
upload Uppy.js:1285
(Async: promise callback)
upload Uppy.js:1268
scheduledAutoProceed Uppy.js:1445
(Async: setTimeout handler)
se Uppy.js:1443
addFiles Uppy.js:625
addFiles index.js:37
handleDrop index.js:84
getFile index.js:14
getFile index.js:14
o index.js:38
handleDrop index.js:94

This was using an image I’d downloaded from the forums.

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Hello :wave:

It seems you use the S3 multipart direct upload. This setup requires ETag which seems to be misconfigured or not set. Which S3 provider do you use?

However this is interesting. I think if it’s misconfigured it also shouldn’t work on Chrome? :thinking:


Thanks for the response! The forums aren’t “mine” so I can’t answer the question, but I’ll report this back to the forum staff and hope they can look into it.

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The forums they’re having the issue on are an Enterprise Hosting customer.


We saw this issue in the past with very particular browser extensions that do “etag hacking” and attempt to amend traffic going from the client to the server.

Can you try removing all browser extensions from firefox to see which one is clashing?