Can't use the nearby pencil, must go way down to the bottom

(Alternative title: Mouthwatering pencil.)

Just the other day I had entered another one of my long-winded posts here, that needed lots of fixing up as usual.

Yes, the mistakes were all over the place. Right in the first line in fact.

And there it was, the pencil icon button.
Screenshot 2024-03-19 06.39.44
Right there within arms reach, micrometers away from where I wanted to edit.

But just like its mouseover says, that pencil is the pencil for editing the title.

Your pencil, sir, is kilometers down at the bottom of your long-winded post. Next time don’t be so long-winded.

Perhaps allow both pencils to edit both parts! Hey wait, the bottom pencil can, the top pencil can’t. No fair!

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It’s deliberate, so higher Trust Levels can be given the separate authorisation to change title text (very useful and helpful delegation from Moderators) without having the rights to change the Post content. See demo above.

The proximity of the title pencil is therefore deliberate too.

Maybe you want to add your use case to this feature topic Editing a post quickly


Seems like there’s a few. Let’s daisy-chain them together to link them up. :+1:

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Closed in favour of Add 'Edit Body' pencil at top of post